No Added Sugar (NAS) FAQ's;

  • Does Sweet William chocolate contain artificial sweeteners?

    No, the 'No Added Sugar' varieties contain Maltitol (naturally occurring in chicory leaves and malted barley) and Stevia Leaf extracts, a natural herbal sweetener.

  • Are the No Added Sugar products suitable for diabetics?

    Sweet William - No Added Sugar products are formulated with very low sugar levels compared to normal chocolates. They are naturally sweetened with Stevia and Maltitol. They are formulated to not allow rapid release of glucose.

  • Can you tell the difference between Regular chocolate and Sweet William No Added Sugar?

    Blind taste tests showed that people were unable to tell the difference between Sweet William Chocolate with or without sugar.

  • Do you know if it's low GI? (Glycaemic index)

    Sweet William's 'No Added Sugar' range has a very low GI of <20. Anything less than 55 is rated as low G.I.

  • What is sugar alcohol?

    Sugar alcohols have less kilojoules than sugars and are not as easily absorbed. The term alcohol is used by chemists to indicate it has an –OH at one end. It does not mean that it is like alcohol you drink. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol used by Sweet William in their No Added Sugar products because it is well tolerated and tastes just line normal sugar.

  • What is Maltitol?

    Maltitol is a natural sweetener made from corn starch and is 90% as sweet as sugar. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol and as such low impact on blood sugars.

  • What is Stevia?

    Stevia is a leaf, completely natural, non-caloric and sweet-tasting. Stevia extract does not have any effect on glucose release and will not impact on diabetics. Stevia leaf extracts are 300 times sweeter than sugar.